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Driven by a yearning for the old world and passion for Pinot Noir, Ron and Marianne Lachini (pronounced: LA-KEEN-E) planted their first vines in 1998. In 2001 they began to produce their premium, single vineyard Pinots and embraced their patient pursuit of world-class wines. Lachini Vineyards respects the time-honored principles of uncompromising desire for quality and long-term stewardship of the lands from which they harvest. Our commitment begins as growers as we cultivate fruit that bear measurement to the test of time and other leading wines of the world. The Lachini Vineyards team brings years of experience and is committed to retaining the essence of our terroir along with each vintage’s character.


Philosophy and Purpose

Many in Oregon share our philosophy — “Respect the land and treat it well for generations to come.” Lachini Vineyard is hand-farmed using sustainable agriculture and organic practices. Sustainable viticulture not only protects and renews soil fertility but also minimizes adverse impacts on natural biological cycles such as health, safety, wildlife, water quality and the environment. Every farming method we practice, create or implement is meant to increase the vitality and potential of each grapevine.

As of 2008, we have committed to Biodynamic and Organic practices and are currently seeking certification. Through sustainable agriculture and organic farming principles, we are at work within the vineyard daily — pruning in the winter months, bud break in early spring, verasion in summer, and harvest in early fall. We limit crop yields to extremely low levels (approximately 2 tons/acre); and through several stages of leaf, canopy and soil management we are able to harvest extremely ripe fruit, which gives us more consistently complex, age worthy and classic Pinot Noirs.

Our tradition, innovation, low-impact winemaking and sustainable farming practices ultimately guide us to craft a continuity of quality that are distinctly Lachini. Our commitment and dedication is inspired by our lifelong journey to pursue a dream and way of life for generations to come.


“From our vineyard to your table, your enjoyment is our passion!”
-Ron & Marianne Lachini


Our Team 


Ron & Marianne Lachini

Ron & Marianne Lachini began with a dream to start a small, family-owned estate vineyard focused entirely on producing uncompromising Pinot Noir. They founded Lachini Vineyards on time-honored principles such as tradition with innovation, love of family and friends, pursuing one’s passions, and enjoyment of fine wines & foods crafted with farm to table freshness.


Ernesto Mendoza 
Estate Vineyard Manager 

Ernesto has been part of the Lachini team since 2018 and and brings his wealth of experience spanning over 18 growing seasons in the Willamette Valley! He continues to strive for a deeper understanding of long-term stewardship' of farmlands while consistently learning & enhancing our Biodynamic farming practices

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Florent-Pierre Merlier 

Florent, a Burgundy native with over 20 years in winemaking, transitioned from the film industry to pursue his passion. After stints in Burgundy and Switzerland, he settled in Oregon's Willamette Valley, crafting exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. When not in the cellar, he enjoys family time and outdoor adventures.

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Tyler Bender
Director of Consumer Sales
& Wine Clubs

This Colorado native's wine journey started in restaurant work, evolving into a certified sommelier. He pursued Enology and Viticulture in Walla Walla, returning to Denver to sell fine wines. Drawn by the Pacific Northwest's charm, he joined Stoller Wine Group in 2018 before finding his home at Lachini in 2023. 


Matthieu Gille
Consulting Winemaker 

Matthieu was born in Burgundy's Nuits St Georges, where his family has been making wine at their estate since the 16th century. He completed his degree in Estate Management in Beaune, and relocated to the Willamette Valley in 2013.While making wine for Lachini vineyards, Matthieu still supervises the winemaking of his family's estate.

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