To produce new-world Grand Cru Pinot Noir from Oregon’s North Willamette Valley, focusing on the Chehalem Mountain A.V.A. Lachini believes in harmony and elegance, these are the qualities we constantly strive to capture in our wines. The ultimate goal is to create wines that are seamless and textural, with the structure and balance to complement fine cuisine and benefit from longevity. Because every vintage is different we do not believe in recipes. With due respect to science, we believe that true artisanal winemaking is based on intuition, sensitivity and passion. Therefore, we employ respect and intuition using ‘old world’ methods in concert with small yields, gentle handling, attentive sorting and fastidious blending.  Native yeast helps to capture the purest expressions of our unique terroir. We want our wines to be authentic, give pleasure and to keep your palate interested until the last drop.

 ~Vision ~
Wine quality and agricultural sustainability go hand in hand