The Vineyards 
Wine quality and sustainability go hand in hand

From the onset, our guiding principle has been to take a generational approach as stewards of the lands we till. To that end, Biodynamic and Organic farming practices are employed at our Estate vineyard and the vineyards we source from. We believe this long-term outlook sets the foundation for our wines. In our opinion, wine quality and agricultural sustainability go hand in hand. Just as healthy people cherish nurturing their bodies, so does the responsible winegrower cherish the environment that gives him his fruit. It is our opinion that synthetic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides along with chemical fertilizers will not enhance the ecosystem and lifecycle of our Estate vineyard. We hope this commitment to truth in terroir will become evident to you the moment you open a bottle of Lachini Vineyards wine.

~ Ron & Marianne Lachini