Our philosophy is shared by many in Oregon “Respect the land and treat it well for generations to come.” Lachini Vineyard is hand-farmed using sustainable agriculture and organic practices. Sustainable viticulture not only protects and renews soil fertility but minimizes adverse impacts on natural biological cycles such as health, safety, wildlife, water quality and the environment.  Beginning in 2008, we have employed Biodynamic and Organic practices and are currently seeking certification. Through sustainable agriculture and organic farming principles, we are at work within the vineyard daily, from pruning in the winter months, bud break in early spring, verasion in summer and harvest in early fall. Every farming method we practice, create or implement is meant to increase the vitality and potential of each grapevine. We limit crop yields to extremely low levels (approximately 2 tons/acre); and through several stages of leaf, canopy and soil management we are able to harvest extremely ripe fruit, which gives us more consistently complex, age worthy and classic Pinot Noirs.

View Our Commitment  page to learn more about the Biodynamic practices used at our estate vineyard. 

~Philosophy ~
Respect the land and treat it well for generations to come