Our estate vineyard rests exclusively on the south-facing hillsides in the transition zone between the native terrain of forests above to the fallow ravines and open plains of the valley below. On summer and fall evenings, the Coastal range funnels its cool marine air, while this cool air settles along the valley floor yielding a dense fog – such is the confluence of our micro-climate. This is where we planted the vineyards, will build our winery, and establish our legacy. Small-lot Pinot Noirs and Chardonnay – we believe a restrained and respectful hand in the cellar results in a more interesting, character-driven narrative in the bottle.

Biodynamic Farming

Our commitment follows a holistic approach to farming and a long-term stewardship of our land that benefits the quality and typicity of our wines. Prior to transitioning to Biodynamic farming practices in 2008, our vineyard was L.I.V.E. certified annually. Our gut instinct guided us to not only incorporate the organic concept, but incorporate into our philosophy the need to seek beyond the chemical and biological farming point of view. In our goal of creating a sustainable vineyard for generations to come, we sought to treat farm as a unified entity, while integrating forces and emphasizing the interrelationship of soils, plants and animals as individual self-nourishing systems. These practices focus on understanding the land as a living organism that thrives from the natural ecosystem around it. This includes the belief that astronomy, magnetism and geology all play a large role in when (and how) the vineyard is treated. While our Estate vineyard is not yet Demeter certified, please see below to view some of the Biodynamic practices we engage. 

We align our farming activities with the Stella Natura Biodynamic Planting calendar.

We harvest/source, store and integrate all the biodynamic preps along with brewing & applying our own teas .
We bury cowhorns with fresh manure and then dig them up to create our own prep 500.

We believe that native, fallow areas designated in our vineyard help with biodiversity.

We've planted lavender, olive trees, and retained/nurished native plants.

We source seven-year-old organic compost locally.

We sow a diversified cover crop annually and retain native grasses in certain rows/blocks

A local beekeeper, Ryan Bringal, maintains up to ten hives on our property

​We partner with a local organic dairy for compost & manure for natural balancing of our soils & sheep herder to lessen the impact of machinery

~ The Confluence of Nature Versus Nurture ~
Wildly beautiful wines born on risk, rigor and mastery