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The Lachini Team

A team committed to Pinot Noir

Ron & Marianne Lachini began with a dream to start a small, family-owned estate vineyard focused entirely on producing uncompromising Pinot Noir. We were guided by our values, love of family, fine Burgundies and life! The team at Lachini Vineyards brings years of experience in both the vineyard and winemaking. They are committed to retaining the character of each vintage and the essence of each vineyard's terroir.

Ron & Marianne Lachini began with a dream to start a small, family-owned estate vineyard focused entirely on producing uncompromising Pinot Noir. Their undergraduate years at U.C. Davis exposed them to the world of viticulture & enology while travels to some of the world's esteemed wine regions and wineries cemented their love and collection of fine wines. Their path was clear early on, let their values guide their passions. 

They founded Lachini Vineyards on time-honored principles such as tradition with innovation, love of family and friends, living one’s passions, and enjoyment of fine wines & foods crafted with farm to table freshness.

Ron & Marianne Lachini


Matthieu was born in Burgundy's Nuits St Georges, where his family has been making wine at their estate since the 16th century.
Though deeply rooted in Burgundy culture, the most recent generations of GILLE have become pilots, giving them the opportunity to travel  the world. This experience exposed Mattieu to new and old-world winemaking practices and innovations. After completing his degree in Estate Management in Beaune, Matthieu’s love for Pinot noir, biodynamic viticulture practices, and regional differences motivated him to explore other wine-making regions.

This inquisitiveness brought Matthieu to IPNC in McMinnville, OR in 2013, where he fell in love with the region.

In 2014, Matthieu's joined our team. While making wine for Lachini vineyards in the Willamette Valley, Matthieu still supervises the winemaking of his family's estate, where his two daughters, Maëlys and Lilo will take the succession in the years to come. 

Ernesto joined us in 2018 and brings his wealth of experience spaning over 18 growing seasons in the Willamette Valley! Prior to joining us, he was with Advanced Vineyard Systems vineyard management company. He grew up with his father in the vineyards and is proud to be the 2nd generation carrying forth in an industry he loves. He is committed to continued education with Biodynamic farming practices, attending vineyard research seminars, along with his adaptation to the different challenges presented by Mother Nature are strong criteria as to the quality of our wines and consistency from vintage to vintage - no small challenge in growing Pinot noir. Ernesto continues to strive for a deeper understanding of long-term stewardship' of farmlands while consistently learning & enhancing our Biodynamic farming practices and overseeing vineyard trials, coupled with all facets of farm management.

Liz Kelly-Campanale joined Lachini Vineyards as Winemaker in 2019. She brings nearly a decade of winemaking experience in the Willamette Valley, most recently as Assistant Winemaker for Edgefield Winery. Originally from Santa Barbara, Liz is passionate about crafting wines with intention, showcasing the terroir of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She holds a winemaking degree from the Northwest Wine Studies Center as well as a BA from Whitman College. In her free time, she can usually be found spending time in nature with her husband and two children.