Distinctive, age-worthy wines revealing balance, depth and complexity. ~

2010 CASE PRODUCTION ~ 3900 total cases projected
2009 CASE PRODUCTION ~ 3650 total cases
2008 CASE PRODUCTION ~ 4425 total cases
2007 CASE PRODUCTION ~ 4300 total cases
2006 CASE PRODUCTION ~ 3700 total cases
2005 CASE PRODUCTION ~ 2900 total cases
2004 CASE PRODUCTION ~ 2200 total cases
2003 CASE PRODUCTION ~   980 total cases
2002 CASE PRODUCTION ~   350 total cases
2001 CASE PRODUCTION ~   145 total cases inaugural vintage!

ESTATE GROWN Pinot Noir - Cuvée Giselle, Family Estate, ‘S’
VINEYARD DESIGNATED Pinot Noirs - Keller Vineyard - Sonoma Coast, Windy Hill Vineyard - Sonoma Coast, Ana Vineyard - Dundee Hills 
Pinot Gris - Oregon
Chardonnay - Estate
Cabernet Sauvignon - Washington AVA's ~ La Bestia ~ il Mulinello ~ Spur ~ La Contrada 
Dessert-styled wine (Port) from Pinot Noir - in riper vintages  

* We've two new Washington-based projects: Walla Walla / Columbia Valley wines (we began with the 2007 vintage under the guidance of Jaime Brown, Water's / 21 Grams Wineries) plus Red Mountain wines (beginning with 2008 vintage under guidance of Mark McNeely, Mark Ryan Winery).

Lachini Vineyards is commited to growing world class Pinot Noir. As such, in 1999, we began planting our Estate vineyard to 100% Pinot Noir. The Estate Vineyard has three distinct, separate blocks of tightly spaced vines (4.5' X 6' rows) to different clones of Pinot Noir. Our focus is the extraordinary quality our vineyard can achieve through meticulous vineyard management and the resulting extremely low crop levels that ensure intensity of aroma, flavor and texture that can only come from physiologically ripe fruit.

We believe it is essential to employ the most gentle of methods in the winemaking process and to handle the wine with the utmost care and attention. Such practices include hand-harvesting, sorting and use of gravity-flow processes. Other non-interventionist techniques, such as the use of native yeasts, whole cluster fermentations and minimal racking, insure the bottled wines express much of their natural greatness from their vineyard origins. The wines are stored in 100% French oak for 11-13 months with changing percentages of new oak to match the strength of the wines. To date, our philosophy has been to use no more than 25% new French oak for our Estate, Ana Vineyard and Cuvée Giselle Pinot Noirs; while the 'S' Pinot Noir typcially ages in 50% new.

Wines are sold through our online mailing list in March and October followed by May and December shipments. Lachini Vineyard wines can also be found exclusively in some of the country’s finest restaurants, exclusive clubs and resorts as well as a limited number of fine wine shops.

A NOTE ON OUR RELEASES AND AVAILABLE WINES - We released our Fall single vineyard wines in November and Spring Pinot Noirs from our Estate Vineyards in May. There are limited quantities available in our online store which will sell out shortly. In addition, we have some new releases that are only available through the winery ~ such as our Pinot Port (a delicious dessert-styled wine from Pinot Noir), large format bottles (perfect for special occasions, the collector or the holidays) and our first Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines from Washington (2005 La Bestia & il Mulinello and 2007 Spur and La Contrada). 

Please visit our CURRENT VINTAGE page for more information on our current releases in the marketplace.

2006 VINTAGE - nearly SOLD OUT! (Estate, 'S', Ana Vineyard Pinot Noirs and Pinot Gris are sold out!) We have limited quantities of La Bestia Cabernet Sauvignon & il Mulinello Red Wine available - PLEASE INQUIRE.
SOLD OUT! (Estate, Cuvee Giselle, 'S', Ana Vineyard Pinot Noirs, Pinot Gris, La Bestia and il Mulinello are sold out!).
2004 VINTAGE – SOLD OUT! (Estate, Cuvée Giselle, 'S' & Ana Vineyard Pinot Noirs, Pinot Gris)
2003 VINTAGE – SOLD OUT! (Estate and 'S' Pinot Noirs)
2002 VINTAGE – SOLD OUT! (Estate and ‘S’ Pinot Noirs)
2001 VINTAGE – SOLD OUT! (Inaugural vintage)

Though our wines are extremely limited in production, we feel it is important to make them available for many to experience and enjoy as an integral component to a wonderful meal, conversation or experience. Thus, Lachini Vineyards wines can be found in many of the top restaurants (wine lists), esteemed resorts and boutique wine shops in over 40 markets  worldwide (in addition to the US... Canada ~ British Columbia & Onterio, Japan & United Kingdom).